|| List of Testing and Consultancy ||

1. Utility Scan (Underground Pipe Detection)
2. Determination of the Existence and Thickness of Mat Foundation, Grade Beam etc.
3. Reinforcement Checking of Structures (Bridges and Buildings)
4. Void Detection in Concrete
5. Compressive Strength Test of Concrete
6. Structural Crack Detection and Crack Measurement
7. Carbonation Test of Concrete
8. Natural Frequency Determination of Soil and Structure
9. Determination of Shear and Compressional Wave Velocity of Soil Mass

1. Cone Penetration Test
2. Seismic Cone Penetration Test.
3. Downhole Seismic/PS Logging Test
4. Earth Resistivity Test
5. Natural Frequency Determination of Soil
6. Continuous Soil Profile Determination
7. Tri-axial Test :
Consolidated Drained Compression
Consolidated Undrained Compression
Unconsolidated Undrained Compression
Consolidated Undrained Extension
Consolidated Drained Extension
Unconsolidated Undrained Extension
Cyclic Tri-axial Test
Unconfined Compression Test
8. Sieve Analysis
9. Specific Gravity Test
10. Liquid Limit and Plastic Limit Test

1. Artificial Simulation of Earthquake Motion in Structure and Soil by Shake table
2. Behavior of Structures under Pseudo-Dynamic Loading provided through Actuator
3. Determination of Displacement Capacity of Structure)
4. Determination of Acceleration Capacity of Structure
5. Fatigue Test of Concrete

1. Detailed Engineering Assessment (DEA) of Civil Engineering Structures
2. Structural Health Monitoring
3. Multi-Level Assessment of Structural Safety against Earthquake
4. Earthquake Resistant Design of Buildings
5. Design Vetting
6. Cost Estimation of Civil Engineering Structure
7. Certification on Structural Stability of Civil Engineering Structures
8. Retrofitting/Strengthening of Existing Structures/Structural Members
9. Seismic Hazard Analysis
10. Microzonation Mapping for Seismic Exposure Assessment Formulation of Local Level Contingency Plan for Earthquake
(Plans for Temporary Shelter, Evacuation Route, Emergency Health Facility, Institutional Setup etc.)
11. Assessment of Socio-Economic Vulnerability to Earthquake
12. Assessment of Vulnerability to Fire Hazards
13. Formulation of Community based Disaster Risk Reduction Strategies
14. Land Cover Modelling
15. GIS and RS Mapping of Disaster Susceptibility
16. Development of Warning System
17. Planning and coordination of training and workshops on disaster prevention, preparedness and response

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