Library Facilities

One of the objectives of BUET-JIDPUS is to provide a gateway for knowledge dissemination in the field of disaster and risk. BUET-JIDPUS has a collection of books, journals and the reports in the related areas, which will be enriched in future by donation.

Journal subscribed by BUET-JIDPUS are hosted by BUET central library. Hard copy of books journals and reports are located in first floor of BUET-JIDPUS building. The library of the institute will be finally located in the second floor of BUET-JIDPUS building

Another attraction will be the hosting of electronic library where various expert’s working in the field of disaster risk reduction will be invited to submit their publications for wider dissemination. The library hosts a vast and diverse collection of books, journals, reports, news letters on structure, Geo-technology, geophysics, disaster management and urban safety. Moreover, this library has some books on geo-technical and structural engineering along with planning books and journals. Electronic platform of this library is aiming to keep publications on this field available for download.