Assessment of Seismic Exposure, Building & Socioeconomic Exposure Assessment and Contingency Planning for Ward 14 of Mymensingh Municipality (April, 2017- September, 2017)

Project Background

BUET-JIDPUS, in association with Department of Urban and Regional Planning and Department of Civil Engineering, BUET conducted the above titled project funded by UNDP at ward 14 of Mymensingh Municipality. Because of the unabated growth of human settlement and other economic activities, the earthquake risk of the Mymensingh Municipality is growing with every passing moment. Rapid urbanization and sub-standard construction of structure, residential buildings and other infrastructures are the major causes behind this earthquake risk. Considering the earthquake threat of ward 14 of Mymensingh Municipality, the scopes of this project were- (i) Assessment of Seismic Exposure (ii) Assessment of Building Condition (iii) Assessment of Socio – economic Context.

The assessments as mentioned above were superimposed and were the basis in developing a vulnerability map with appropriate ranking of cluster under ward 14. Community participation and awareness helped for the formulation of contingency plan for ward no. 14.

Project Objectives

  •  To assess the seismic exposure of Ward-14, Mymensingh Municipality area
  •  To assess the building conditions including technical recommendation for the existing structures depending on diverse risk
  •  To explore the socio-economic vulnerability of study area
  •  To formulate a contingency plan based on community-based risk reduction approach.

Project Team

Prof. Dr. Raquib Ahsan, Project Director; Director, BUET-JIDPUS; Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering

Prof. Dr. Mehedi A. Ansary, Adviser & Geotechnical Specialist; Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering

Prof. Dr. Ishrat Islam, Adviser & Disaster Management Specialist, Professor, Dept. of Urban and Regional Planning.

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Shakil Akhter, Adviser & Disaster Management Specialist; Professor, Dept. of Urban and Regional Planning.

Md. Aminul Islam, Structural Engineer, Lecturer, BUET-JIDPUS.

Uttama Barua, Urban Planner; Lecturer, Dept. of Urban and Regional Planning.