Technical Knowledge Exchange between Nepal and Bangladesh on Advanced, Cost- Effective and Climate Resilient Bridge Structures funded by The World Bank (24 September- 01 October, 2018)

The World Bank showed interest in Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) for conducting the knowledge exchange program. This knowledge sharing program will be the first step of a longer partnership that would benefit Nepal and Bangladesh. The program included the following activities:

i. Lectures: Classroom training sessions including both theoretical and computer application. The duration was three and half days.

Description Resource Persons
Training on Design/ Construction of Network Arch Bridge

1. Prof. Tahsin Reza Hossain

2. Prof. Khan Mahmud Amanat

3. Prof. Raquib Ahsan

4. Dr. Shohel Rana

Construction/ Procurement Practices in Bangladesh by Govt. Engineering Organizations (RHD, LGED)

1. Engr. Haider Ali (Ex. Superintending Engr., LGED)

2. Engr. Md. Mahboob Hassan (Senior Procurement Specialist, RAJUK & Certified National Trainer on Procurement, CPTU)

3. Engr. A. S.M. Nuruzzaman (Superintending Engr., RHD)

Discussion with Representatives of Bangladesh Association of Construction Industry (BACI): on Existing Engineering Certification Programs in BD or on-the-job training

1. BACI representatives

ii. Meeting with Contractors: Half day meeting between contractors of Bangladesh and Nepal in the afternoon of 27 July 2018.

iii. Site visits: Visits to the Bangabandhu bridge site and other bridges in and around Dhaka. There were two days of site visits.

iv. Meeting with officials of Roads and Highways Department and Local Government Engineering Department: Half day meeting with officials from LGED and RHD on 1 October, 2018.