Initiatives for Developing an Earthquake Early Warning System

On May 12, 2021, an appraisal meeting concerning an earthquake early warning system was held between the BUET-Japan Institute of Disaster Prevention and Urban Safety (BUET-JIDPUS), BUET, Tohoku University of Japan and the Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD) was held on a virtual platform. The respected vice chancellor Prof. Dr. Satya Prasad Majumder, pro-vice chancellor Prof. Dr. Abdul Jabbar Khan, director of BUET-JIDPUS Prof. Dr. A. F. M. Saiful Amin, Prof. Dr. Md. Forkan Uddin of BUET’s EEE department, Prof. Dr. Mohammed Eunus Ali of BUET’s CSE department, Prof. Dr. Susumu Ohno and Prof. Dr. Masaki Maeda of Tohoku University, meteorologist Md. Momenul Islam of the BMD and other JIDPUS faculty members contributed with thoughts and directives. On behalf of the multidisciplinary international team of researchers led by BUET-JIDPUS, Prof. Saiful Amin appraised the honorable vice chancellor and pro-vice chancellor of BUET, the research’s two advisors, of the outcomes of a brief feasibility study on the technical challenges and possibilities of implementing an earthquake early warning system in Bangladesh to protect the country’s national assets. This is the first known initiative of this type in Bangladesh. The participants agreed on the promise of such a system for protecting people and resources from earthquakes. They also emphasized the need to develop a country-specific earthquake early warning system to strengthen the BMD’s disaster mitigation efforts. We were quite grateful for this important technical cooperation with our Japanese counterparts through Tohoku University. The discussion covered the technical foundations of developing an algorithm for a country-specific earthquake early warning system in order to prepare for impending disasters in the shortest possible time. A discussion followed the brief presentation, after which the honorable vice chancellor and pro-vice chancellor of BUET praised the initiative and endorsed its further development.