Earthquake Engineering Laboratory

Name of the Equipment : SHAKE TABLE
Brand : ANCO Engineering Inc., USA.
Capacity : Maximum Acceleration 1.60 g with ton pay load
4.0 g with bare table
: Maximum Velocity 1 m/s
: Maximum Displacement +/- 100 mm
Main Purpose(s) : Used for artificial simulation of earthquake motion.
Determination of dynamic properties structures and soil

Shaking table test of RC Frame

Name of the Equipment : PSEUDO DYNAMIC ACTUATORS
Brand : ANCO Engineering Inc., USA.
Capacity : Four (04) Actuators 50 Ton, 30 Ton and 5 Ton (2 nos)
: Displacement +/- 300 mm (50T)
+/- 250 mm (30T & 5T)
Main Purpose(s) : Used to test the response of structures, soil or rock slopes to verify their seismic performance by applying simulation of Earthquake and Dynamic

Pseudo-dynamic test of masonry wall

Name of the Equipment : ECCENTRIC MASS VIBRATOR (EMV)
Brand : ANCO Engineering Inc, USA
Capacity : Peak Force 10 Ton-Force
: Peak Eccentricity 49.4 kg-m
Main Purpose(s) : Estimation of natural frequencies of buildings and bridges.

Eccentric Mass Vibrator