Conference theme

Main focus of the conference is on the social and policy aspects and the application of engineering and technology for the implementation of disaster risk management. Addressing the multidimensional issues, the conference has been divided into six themes:

1. HVRA -Hazard, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment


  • Earthquake and Landslide
  • Flood, cyclone, drought, riverbank erosion etc.
  • Fire and technological hazards

2. Adaptation, Prevention and Mitigation


  • Structural Issues
  • Geo-technical Issues
  • Environmental and Ecological Issues
  • Hydrological and Atmospheric Issues
  • Socio, Political and Economic Issues
  • Indigenous Technologies

3. Warning, Preparedness and Awareness


  • Warning and Forecasting
  • Community Based Approach
  • Education, Outreach and Co-operation
  • Indigenous Practices

4. Emergency Management, Recovery and Rehabilitation

5. Mainstreaming Disaster Management


  • Policies, Codes and Standards
  • Risk Sensitive Land Use Planning
  • Institutional Arrangement
    • Community Based Disaster Management
    • Disaster Financing

6. Climate Change